Mr. Lube is one of Canada’s leading auto-service companies with over 170 locations. For 35 years Mr. Lube has led the market thanks to passionate staff with a commitment to customer service, franchise development, and smart operations. Known for fast and appointment-free service, this Alberta brand has grown into a national household name.

  • Developed Mr. Lube’s first digital marketing strategy.
  • Designed and developed Mr. Lube’s earliest websites.
  • Created and executed the first Mr. Lube email marketing coupon campaign.
  • Brand Identity and Digital Design
  • Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design and Development


The DECOSTA designed Mr. Lube website focused on inviting customers to experience the exceptional service this brand was already known for. By telling a concise online story, supported with compelling incentives and offers, the website increased foot-traffic to Mr. Lube locations. In the early days of the web, Mr. Lube led its industry by using their website as a true marketing platform.

Original Website Design
Updated Website Design
Alternate Website Designs


As part of a digital marketing strategy, DECOSTA created Mr. Lube’s first email marketing coupon campaign. This campaign focused on creating repeat business and customer referrals for local franchise locations.

Email Design