The YMCA is a charity that has been helping Canadians improve their lives since the first Y opened in Montreal in 1851. YMCA programs are offered at more than 1,700 locations across Canada and help people become healthier in spirit, mind and body.

  • Created and executed an online strategy reaching over 100,000 potential donors as part of a campaign that raised over $800,000.
  • Developed brand identities for two major YMCA fundraising programs.
  • Launched a donor retention web-app.
  • Created websites for the Guelph, Oakville, and GTA YMCA.
  • B2C Audience Growth.
  • Business Development Strategy.
  • Creative Development.
  • Display Advertising.
  • Print Graphic Design.
  • Website Design and Development.


As one of Canada’s largest charities, the YMCA serves thousands of communities, each with unique needs, services, and members. DECOSTA created three websites that served YMCA communities in the Greater Toronto Area and each leveraged custom technology for easy integration with the back office, while still being able to be customized quickly for the changing programs and services of each facility. Leveraging smart technology and design, DECOSTA created websites that were easy for the community to use, and scalable for the diverse needs of each YMCA back office.

Website Design
Microsite Design


The YMCA of the Greater Toronto Area’s objective was to raise money for Camp Pine Crest’s 100th anniversary, a cornerstone program in its Strong Kids campaign. DECOSTA created a strategy targeting Camp Pine crest’s alumni, leveraging 100 years of memories from thousands of campers. DECOSTA created a fully animated and interactive website that encouraged campers, past and present, to upload photos and share stories of their time at camp – reminding potential donors of the YMCA’s value and how Camp Pine Crest helped them at a young age. Over 100,000 potential donors were reached, and the website played an important role in raising over $800,000.00 that year.


While facilities operate independently, the unified YMCA brand is so well known that those facilities will often fundraise together. The YMCA’s of the GTA required brandmarks, advertising, and other designs that spoke to the Individuality of each community while leveraging the greater good created by every YMCA organization.


DECOSTA designed a poster and promotional material for YMCA programs, primarily engaging youth across the GTA.


DECOSTA designed posters and promotional material for YMCA programs, primarily engaging youth across the GTA.

Poster Design


DECOSTA created a stationary system for the YMCA of Oakville that represented both their local community and the national YMCA brand identity.