The Jacksons New Years Eve Party!

The Jacksons will be lighting up New Years Eve playing at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. Still one of the best touring bands out there, The Jacksons deliver an energy packed performance and display no signs of slowing down.

#RememberJulian – A Partnership for Support

On November 23rd 2014, Kristoff St John lost his son Julian to mental illness. Julian was an artist and painter who had reportedly been struggling on and off with schizophrenia. Julien tragically took his own life a couple days before his 25th Birthday.

Holiday Season Content Roll Out for Sony Music

The holidays are a crucial money making time for any business. This year Pop Market has partnered with DECOSTA to boost their Social Media strategy. DECOSTA will be executing the seasons roll out of deals on Facebook and Twitter from Black Friday all the way to Christmas Day.

2Pac grows the GTA V brand

The next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series of video games by Rockstar Games is about to be released and there is something extra special about this edition to be excited for. Rockstar Games has paired with the infamous brand: Tupac Shakur.

New Managing Partner appointed

There comes a time in every company when growth becomes inevitable. Putting the right people in the right seats is the key to long lasting success. DECOSTA is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Managing Partner.

Client audience nearly tripled

Since taking over the Social Media channels for Sonys Pop Market, it has seen substantial growth. Less than a year since DECOSTA took hold of the Pop Market Facebook account, it has nearly tripled the client audience.